About Us

DTL Information Technologies

About Us

DTL IT LLC was founded in 2021 in Dubai with a vision to make people’s lives better by keeping convenience as our focal point. At DTL IT, we aim to provide and deliver solutions within the e-commerce space. We combine our tech expertise and knowledge to develop robust e-commerce brands and websites that facilitate all parties involved in a marketplace. This includes businesses, professionals, and end consumers.

Our developer team, that has an average of 20 years of professional experience in the IT field, has developed many small, medium, and large-scale projects over the years. And it continues to do so with the same vigor and enthusiasm. Working together for many years as a close-knit family is one of the biggest factors in the success of our projects.

Our first project, Sirwiss, is an online marketplace for tradespeople and service providers specializing in home maintenance and improvement solutions. We cater to Dubai and surrounding environs with a simplified, hassle-free way to outsource the at-home activities and chores you do not have the time, skill, or incentive to do.

Here, we are passionate about partnering with small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and businesses in promoting their products and services. We aspire to grant them the exposure that empowers them to grow and prosper.

We aim to expand our portfolio to ensure to address any pain points that exist in the market. By focusing on personalized services and competitive rates, we believe that we will meet and exceed the market’s expectations.

Our strategy for meeting our goals involves harnessing modern technology, creating beneficial working collaborations, and running an efficient and result-driven business. We trust that these will be reflected in all our projects.